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Gold Souk and spice souk Dubai

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Gold Souk and spice souk Dubai

Souks are the Arabic Markets where a wide range of products are purchased sold and traded

Types of souks in Arab world

There are different types of souks in the Arab world but here are just twosouks discussed below

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The Gold Souk

World well known Gold Souk is Dubai's Gold Souk, where limit lanes are fixed with shop windows flickering with adornments made in 22 and 24 carat gold. Along the marginally bigger paths of the gold souk, each shop window is packed with gold pieces of jewelry, rings, bangles, ear rings and clasps. In plain view in one of the shops is the World's Largest Gold Ring, certificated from the Guinness Book of World Records.

Plans can be customary or present day, intense or preservationist, uproarious or calm, tough or fragile. Alongside outlines, you will discover a wide range of shades of gold like pink, white, yellow or green tones in one piece. Dubai Gold Souk is justified regardless of a visit regardless of the possibility that you have no goal of purchasing. It is difficult to oppose the compulsion to get them. Wheeling and dealing about the cost resembles a custom. Take as much time as necessary and plan 2 to 3 hours for your visit.

The best time is the late evening. For the most part, the shops are open until 10:00 pm. The underlying uncertainty in bartering gets lost before long, and you will truly appreciate "wheeling and dealing" about your most loved piece. Gold Souk is situated close Dubai Creek in Al Ras territory of Deira. You can achieve it with open transports, metro, taxi or water taxi (from Bur Dubai). We don't prescribe to pass via auto as the zone is extremely swarmed and to discover a stopping could be troublesome.

Spice Souk

The Dubai spice souk is found quite recently alongside the gold souk. The bright exhibit of flavors and their exciting fragrance is enticing. You can't get over the fantastic number of flavors that are accessible.

Here you will discover flavors of all assortments: cardamom, cinnamon, saffron, turmeric, stew, curry, cloves and parcels more. Furthermore, that is not all; you will likewise discover basmati rice, dates, dry fruits and nuts of interminable varieties, different sorts of tee, shisha and tobacco, enchanting scents, earthenware and also wicker bin. As you proceed onward starting with one shop then onto the next, you will be encompassed by these tangible pleasures. The flavors are brought from the Middle Eastern locale and additionally from around different parts of the world.